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What Are ICA Smart Services In UAE?

Are you confused about the different ICA Smart Services offered in the UAE? If so, you have come to the right place. Every year, thousands of people come to the UAE (United Arab Emirates) for jobs, education, or business purposes, or just to visit as tourists. You’ll find ample opportunities here, but first, you need to know how to handle your ICA services once you’re here. The best way to start is by learning what these services are, knowing who to contact, and choosing the most appropriate option for the situation. In this article, you will learn what ICA services are available and how to use them, as well as how to register, track your application status, and more.

What are ICA Smart Services?

ICA Smart Services is an online system that allows you to submit your arrival and departure information of individuals, Business persons along with that of your dependents when applying for an Emirates ID and a Residential Visa. This ICA (Identity Citizenship Authority )service can assist businesses seeking to relocate to Dubai (or If you are starting a new business in Dubai) by making the transition easy, seamless, and effective. The ICA public services are related to Federal Authority For Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security, visa validity, visa status checking, port security, visa issuance, and many more offers to the categories like UAE citizens, UAE residents, GCC citizens, and residents and the UAE visitors.
The ICA smart services have benefits that:
1. This Online visa registration is convenient and saves valuable time, as you can do it from your home or office. Those who prefer to visit the Immigration office in person will find that their applications are processed quickly and accurately.
2. In this portal, you can allow checking the status of your application and also the status of your visa.
3. Apart from this, you can also update the emirates ID info, online request or appeal if you have, or any refund request.

How to register in UAE Smart services ICA:

  1. First, you need to visit the ICA smart service portal
  2. You will find the below options and choose who you are related to.
  3. Then it will navigate to Login / Sign up or user id password details. you need to create those by entering your information. and get verified through email. and then you need to upload all your documents mentioned over there.
  4. Once it is done, you need to pay the ICA registration fee if needed, it is around 150 AED like that.
how to register in ICA smart services in UAE government

How to check ICA smart services visa status and visa validity check?

In order to check the ICA smart services visa status, you need to visit the portal and then navigate to visa-related services as shown below. then you need to select passport Information, then visa or residency type, next passport number, and expiry date, and then you need to enter nationality and then submit. If all info is correct then it shows the status message, if not in case it will show the message “incorrect details ” then you need to check and enter again the correct info.

Apart from those with this smart Service ICA portal you can check your Emirates ID card status check, Mobile number update or change, Vaccine registration, apply for a visa extension, change your status, and existing permit, Visa renewals, cancelations, Pay fines, application tracking, QR code, ICA approval and much more.

Requirements for ICA smart services registration arrivals to UAE:

If you are planning to visit UAE, then you must register for ICA Smart Services at least 24 hours prior to your arrival. You can enroll yourself online or through the mobile app or online desktop portal. The UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) has updated its system for pre-travel approval so that travelers can provide information about their vaccinations. For registration, you need to fill
1. Personal information: name, gender, nationality, place of birth, mobile number, email address, etc.
2. Passport information: passport number, expiration date, and country of issuance.
3. Address details: current address in UAE
4. PCRTest Results and Vaccination Date and the Name of Vaccination. (ex: Pfizer, booster, etc.)
5. Documents required for registration: passport photo and photocopy of passport, photocopy of proof of residence, and last PCR test results documents needed to be uploaded in the ICA smart service portal.
Once you have submitted all these documents, it will take 24 hours for them to be verified by the Ministry of Health. Once the verification is complete, ICA will send an email with further instructions on how to proceed.

How to contact ICA:

ICA smart services have multiple ways to contact them. You can start a live chat with them from their official website, using ICA mobile app or call their toll-free number 600522222, or email them at If you are relocating to Dubai for business, Legal House can assist you with the Legal works, and the company registration process and help you find an appropriate business location and obtain suitable visas for you. We do any kind of visa services in UAE such as investor visas, golden visas, and employment visas. If you want to know more get in touch with us at +971 5556832914. and email us at

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