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Legal house is a legal consulting company located at Dubai and UAE. We are the best visa consultants in Dubai, offering services like visa processing and documentation. We have a team of expert consultants who can facilitate you with all your legal issues related to visas. Legal house has been formed with the aim to provide excellent Visa Consultancy services with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our vision is to become one of the most eminent visa consultants in Dubai and UAE.

Our legal houses offer visa services for both individuals and corporate clients in Dubai. The various types of Visa include Golden Visa, Silver visa, Investor /partner visa, Employment Visa, Family visa, Reconsideration of ban Visa, Freelance Visa and Reconsideration of fines.

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What is Investor or partner visa

An investor or partner visa is a visa that allows you to live in Dubai and invest in a business there. You can also become a partner in a business that already exists,
but if you don’t have any experience with naming a business, it’s probably easiest if you invest in an existing business that needs capital. To get an investor or
partner visa, you’ll need to show evidence of your ability to invest money in the UAE and create jobs for local residents. You can also get this visa if you’re married
to someone who lives and works in Dubai.

In the past, applying for a partner or investor visa required a great deal of documentation. Today, that process is simpler than ever. All you need to do is keep your documents in order and apply at an authorized typing center. The visa will be sent to you via registered email. Our team of expert lav.yers will help you get an investor visa in Dubai. Contact us today!

Investor Visa Process

Step 1:
Application submission:
If you’re interested in applying for a Partner Visa, you’ll need to be a partner in a licensed business. The business must be either a limited liability company or a professional practice. The minimum share of the business that you must own is 25%.
To apply for an investor visa, type the application at an authorized typing center and submit it with the required documents. Our service of applying for a partner visa in Dubai can be obtained through us.
If the applicant is currently in the country of application, type Visa for Inside Country. If the applicant is not currently in the country of application, type Application Outside Country.
Upon approval from Immigration, the visa will be sent through registered email.
Partner visa applicants are not eligible for a bank guarantee. For information on how to apply for an investor visa in Dubai, please contact us.

Step 2:
Status change
Applicants who are inside the country receiving a Residence Entry Permit can change their status without leaving the country by applying through an authorized typing center. On receiving approval from GDFRA, the documents will be sent to the applicant’s registered email id.

Step 3:
Medical Typing Form:
After you complete the Change Status, you can do Medical typing and then proceed to do your Medical Test at an authorized Medical Centre.

Step 4:
Emirates ID typing:
After you complete the Change of Status application form, you can then take the Medical typing test and then proceed to take the Medical Test at an authorized Medical Centre.

Step 5:
Visa stamping:
On receiving the medical report and application for an Immigrant investor (EID), proceed to the nearest typing center to have the visa stamped in your passport. We can provide attestation services for investor visas in Dubai. Upon filing an application online with Immigration, one should your application have been approved, Zajel will send a confirmation message to your mobile phone and issue an Airway Bill number. You may pick up your passport after two working days by contacting Zajel via the contact number that appears on the Airway Bill.

Visa Renewal:

An investor or partner visa has years of validity. After that one can go renewal process. Here is the simple process we provide for you in our firm.

The process with E-DNRD:
In this process, you must have your medical typing done, and after that, you will need to go for a check-up. When the results are out, you need to apply for a renewal of your visa. If your company is registered under E-DNRD and has received a User ID & Password, you can do the renewal online by uploading the necessary documents in the system. In case of approval, your passport will be couriered to you by Zajel Courier Services Limited, which is a company licensed by the Immigration authorities in Dubai.
The process with No E-DNRD:
It is necessary for the applicant to have their medical typing done and proceed for a medical check-up. After the medical examination is complete, the applicant must arrange an insurance policy before going to the Immigration Department for visa stamping. Ifthe company is registered under E-DNRD and has received its User ID and Password, it will be possible to renew the investor’s visa in Dubai from any typing center by uploading the documents in the system. The renewal application must be typed along with original documents submitted to Immigration for approval. For further details, please call us now at +971 558005160 so that we can provide you with services related to visa renewal in Dubai.

Partner Visa Cancellation process:

  • To complete the cancellation process, the investor or partner should first get approval from DED. The investor can either sell his shares to a new party or he can sell his partnership share to an existing panner or to any other new palty coming in under the license.
  • The second step is to have a share sale agreement written in English and Arabic, then have it notarized by the Dubai court.. All of the partners must sign the agreement in person, along with any UAE nationals.
  • Visa cancellation applications should be typed at the typing center and duly signed by the Local sponsor, along with the company stamp. They should be submitted to Immigration. There are three categories of Partner/lnvestor visas that can be canceled. That is a cancellation with and without share selling. also when the partner is outside of the country is more than six months.

Required Documents:

  • Passport copy
  • Emirates ID
  • Share sell agreement with attested copy
  • Company establishment card
  • Company trade license copy

We know that the visa process can be a complicated and frustrating one, but we’re here to make sure that you get through it as easily and quickly as possible. Our team has been working with pro visas for years, and they’ve developed a system that works for all kinds of clients. Whether you’re just starting out, or an expert in your field, we’ve got the tools and expertise to help you get a visa fast. Hassel free to contact us today!!

Legal house dubai is the consulting firm offers business setup process and the investor visa or partner visa to their clients