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Industrial Design Registration

An industrial design registration is a type of intellectual property (IP) right that
protects the visual features of an article. In the UAE, it is possible to register the
design of an object in the form of drawings and photographs.
The term “industrial design” refers to any original ornamental or aesthetic
features that have been applied to a product to make it more appealing. An
industrial design may be a part of the whole product or part of its packaging.
Industrial designs are often registered with the local authorities before being
sold in order to prevent others from copying your product.

LEGAL HOUSE is a law firm that specializes in the IP right Industrial Design
Registration in Dubai. We have helped many companies and individuals with their IP rights, including registration of their industrial designs. We have a team of experts who have spent a lot of time studying this particular field. This knowledge is what makes them so successful at their jobs.

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Objective of Industrial Design Registration

The objective of registering an industrial design in the UAE is to protect your intellectual property and ensure that you’re recognized as the creator and owner of the
design.The registration process is designed to ensure that the owner of a design has exclusive rights over its use and distribution, thus protecting their investment
and preventing others from copying or selling products that infringe on those rights.
If you’re looking to register an industrial design in the UAE, there are several things to keep in mind:
•  The industrial design must be original and new (i.e., not previously published)
•  The industrial design must not be subject to any other registration or registration application, or have been recorded with any other authority or institution
•  The product must be manufactured in either the UAE or another country.

Why industrial Design Registration Is Important:

• To prevent other people from using your drawings or designs for manufacturing products without paying you for them. You can get compensation if someone uses your
design without permission.
• To stop other businesses from importing or acquiring any product related to the design with the intention of using or selling that product.
• Protect your design from imitation and infringement. The registration process can be expensive and time-consuming, so registering an industrial design can be an
important deterrent for would-be infringers.
• Your designs will be recorded in the database of designs, which is available for public viewing.

What we offer the Industrial Design Registration:

Search and Registration: Legal House serves our valued clients to determine the legal feasibility of their proposed industrial designs.
Filing Application.
Renewals: We help clients protect their Industrial Design Rights by filing Renewal requests before the deadline.
Manage Records: Sometimes changes occur concerning ownership or transfer of rights to industrial design. For example, owners or licensees may change their names or addresses. These changes must be recorded in the industrial design records.
• Receive the registration certificate.

Types of Intellectual Property Rights:

There are two types of IP right:

Industrial Design Registration in Dubai:

This is a registration of the shape or configuration of a product, which grants exclusive rights over the use of this design for a limited period of time. This term can also be used to refer to the rights granted by such registration.
Industrial Model Registration in Dubai:

Registration for an object that consists entirely or mainly of shape, but does not necessarily have any utility function beyond its appearance as an aesthetic object.

Documents Required for Industrial Design:

In order to register your industrial design, you’ll need to provide the following documents:
• Company Registration (Proof of Incorporation)
• Memorandum and Articles of Association
• Drawing Sheet of the Design. This should be an original copy, not a photocopy or scanned copy/original Priority documents
• Certificate of Design Patent Registration if the design was already registered before, and you want to register it again under a different name.
• Power of attorney

Benefits of industrial design registration:
•  Registered under a certain class, the design can be used exclusively by its owner. Anyone who copies the design of a registered person can be taken to court by the owner of the design.
•  Design can be licensed for a fee or royalty.
• A trademark for your product design will give you a way to distinguish yourself from your competitors and protect your intellectual property.
• An industrial designer who follows all the ethical and technical guidelines will create a beautiful portrait of any product. If a client is happy with the final design, then he or she will be very satisfied by the artistically drawn image.
•  If your product design has unique and new technical drawings, then it can generate passive income by using patents. Also, technical drawings can be used as an information kit for your product.
• If a company no longer wants to use a trademark, it can sell the rights to another company.
We believe that all businesses have the right to protect their ideas and designs, and we’re here to help.

We know the process of registering a design can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re here to help you through every step of the way from understanding how it all works to making sure your design is ready for registration, to complete the registration process itself.

It’s important for us to provide you with all the resources you need before getting started so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not industrial design registration is right for your business. Feel free to contact us ta +971 558005160.

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