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All About Dubai Freelance Visa

All About Dubai Freelance Visa

Dubai freelance visa – getting a freelancer visa in Dubai is super easy. Dubai is a great place for you to live and work in the Middle East, It’s a great opportunity for you to earn a good income and save money. When coming to Dubai, there are several things you need to know about, perhaps the most important is the visa process, so we have created this article for you so that it will be easier for you when coming to Dubai and being part of the vibrant UAE economy.

What is Dubai free lance Visa?

Dubai freelance visa is a type of visa that is issued to freelancers working in the UAE. As per the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), a freelancer is an individual who provides services or expertise to clients on a contractual basis. Freelancers can work online or offline and can earn money by selling their skills, knowledge, and experience.
The Dubai freelance visa is issued by the Dubai government and is valid for one year with the option of renewal. It gives you access to an affordable health insurance plan, free internet connection, a retirement fund, and other benefits that can help you save money while living in Dubai.
Dubai freelance visa holders are required to renew their visas annually (or every two years if they have been living in Dubai for five years). The renewal process is relatively simple, but it does take some time for the government office to process your application before issuing you a new visa card.

Why Dubai freelance visa is getting more and more popular?

Dubai freelance visa is getting more and more popular these days. More and more people are coming to Dubai with the purpose of freelancing, or working online. There are many reasons behind this trend, but the main reason is that working from home is becoming increasingly popular. In addition to this, there are also some other factors that make Dubai a great place for freelancers:

  • The cost of living in Dubai is very low compared to other cities around the world. This means that you can save money by living here, which will allow you to spend on your business.
  • The Internet has made it possible for freelancers to work remotely from anywhere in the world. This means that you don’t have to be physically present in order to work with clients who live overseas or even locally in another part of the city.
  • The UAE government has taken a number of measures in order to attract foreign talent and professionals who want to work online from home or remotely. Among these initiatives are the Emiratization program (which gives local job opportunities) and e-visa initiatives (which make it easier for foreigners to travel into the country).
  • No need for a sponsor: If you want to do freelance work then there is no need for a sponsor or employer because you will be hiring yourself as an employee by yourself. So, there is no need for any sponsorship or employment visa like a UAE resident permit or free zone license, etc.
  • No need to pay stamp duty: No one has to pay stamp duty while getting this visa unlike other visas like employment visas, visit visas, etc. and It’s easy to obtain in Dubai.
  • The Dubai freelance visa allows you to sponsor your family to come live with you in an apartment or villa for rent in Dubai; however, you cannot sponsor employees with this visa.

List of Approved Activities for Dubai Freelance license:

The Dubai government has issued a list of approved freelance activities for the Freelance license. The list is as follows:
Media Activities: Which includes publishing books, newspapers, and magazines, publishing online content for personal use, providing image and recording services for advertisements and commercials, video production services for commercials, and events, media consultancy services to clients in the UAE, Audiovisual services such as film dubbing or subtitling, Photographic services, voice-over-recording for commercials and advertisements, etc.
Tech Activities: This includes a website or any software development and support, Website Maintenance & Support, app development, etc.
Design Activities: These include graphic designing, interior designing, etc.
Education Activities: This includes teaching, private classes on cooking, banking, or any other skill development courses, online teaching, etc.

Process for Dubai freelance license :

If you want to get a freelance visa in Dubai, you first need to apply for a freelance permit or license. the process for obtaining a business license in Dubai is fairly simple and straightforward. The website has all the information about how to apply for a business license as well as the documents required for this process. or you can approach the best business consultants in Dubai like us. they will provide guidance.
Once you receive the freelance permit then you can apply for the freelance visa under DDA. Dubai development authority.
Cost: The cost of getting a freelance permit and applying for the freelance visa is depend on the years of residency visa while applying inside or outside of UAE. For one year it would be around 4999 AED.and also depends on the establishment card, Medical, and Emirates ID.

What are the requirements to apply for a freelance visa?

To apply for a Dubai freelance visa, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:
1. A freelance license-duly issued by the Ministry of Labour
2. An establishment card
3. A UAE phone number-this can be done at any Etisalat/du network
4. Medical insurance for at least AED 500 per month
5. Passport copy
6. Passport-size photos with at least six months left on it
7. NOC is required if you are on the sponsor’s visa

What are the best free zones where one can get a freelance permit?

 In UAE, free zones such as twfour54, Dubai Internet City (DIC), and Dubai media city. Dubai design district, Ajman Freezone, Rak Freezone, and Dubai knowledge park offers freelance permit or freelance license.

At Legal House Dubai, we guide you through the process of obtaining a freelance permit and visa in Dubai. However, as with any lifestyle change, there are certain aspects of the freelance life that you will need to be comfortable with. Feel free to touch with us for any inquiries related to visas and business formation in Dubai UAE.

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