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Maritime Law

Maritime law also known as admiralty law is a specialized area of the law that applies to commercial and recreational activities that take place on water. Maritime law covers a broad range of topics, including ownership rights, liability for damages caused by ships, and even the treatment of stowaways on board.

We have been providing maritime law services for over 10 years. Our team consists of lav. yers who are experts in their field, as well as a support staff dedicated to helping you find the right solution for your needs. We provide legal services to clients across multiple industries, including:

  • Shipping company formation, registration, and compliance
  • Maritime lenders/financiers
  • Maritime arbitration

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Maritime Law in Dubai

Our team of maritime law experts is always ready to help you solve your legal issues related to shipping and maritime law in Dubai. Our advice is based on the latest developments in UAE law, and we can provide legal services to local and international companies operating in the Emirates. We have a strong focus on service excellence and pay close attention to our client’s needs. When you approach us with maritime law advice, we are eager to listen and provide the best possible solutions for your specific case.

Our Services:

We help you in

  • Operational contracts
  • Shipping insurance matters
  • Legal issues in contract and freight law can be dealt with in all levels of the judiciary courts.
  • Employment and remuneration
  • Vessel building contracts

Commercial Law:

The field of commercial and corporate law involves many different aspects, including finance, trade, sales, and contracts. Organizations need an experienced
attorney to help with matters such as restructuring and joint ventures. The following are the some of the commercial law services that we provide:

General advice and support — Involving employment and commercial law, such as organizational disputes between employees and employers. This extends to
contractual disputes between companies, partnerships and individuals. We also provide legal support for business owners and company managers.

Organizational claims of damage — Extending to claims of corporate negligence and injury for employees and partners. And legal support for business owners.We help with drafting or rewriting commercial contracts, including employment contracts, pannerships, and acquisitions. Our company investment suppoltincludes helping with overseas or regional direct investment, company restructuring, and business setup.

Contracts Drafting and rewriting of commercial contracts. This extends to employment contracts, partnerships, and acquisitions. We also provide commercial
contract review services in various languages such as English, Spanish, French, Gennan, and Russian

We offer a range of services to support business formation and growth. These include advice on company formation and operation, advising on trading shares,
facilitating mergers and acquisitions, and providing escrow services.

At our firm, we provide sound legal advice and support to clients engaged in shipping. We are able to handle both wet and dry shipping issues. Our lawyers have
experience with ports , offshore installations, shipping terminals, smaller vessels, and more. Feel free to contact us for any legal help.

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