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Reconsideration of Fines

Overstaying your visa in the UAE can lead to fines, which may not be fun to deal with. However, if you have a valid reason due to unexpected situation beyond your control, there are some procedures set by the UAE Government to reconsider your condition.
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Process for apply visa fine reconsideration:

l. You must be a resident of the UAE and have a valid residence visa.
2. Your overstaying should be out of your control, meaning there is an unexpected situation that occurred which caused you to overstay your visa. This can include medical emergencies, natural disasters, or other events beyond your control.
3. You must submit an official letter from the Ministry of Interior stating that your overstaying was due to unforeseen circumstances beyond your control. The letter should also state that you have no criminal record in the UAE and have not been convicted of any crimes in any country.
4. You must submit an official letter from the Ministry of Health stating that you were admitted to a hospital or clinic due to an emergency medical condition or injury requiring urgent care during which time you overstayed on your visa in order to receive treatment for this illness or injury.

Documents required for reconsideration of fines:

• Emirates ID.
• Passport copy
• Penalty or fine notification.
• Detailed letter on the incident.
• Supporting documents like cancellation paper, petition letter, etc.
• New approved visa

reconsideration fine visa process in dubai

If a work permit application is delayed and an employee overstays their visa, it is the responsibility of the employee to pay any overstay fines. However, if the delay is caused by the company’s negligence or failure to submit the application in a timely manner, the company may be liable for any fines or penalties imposed by the authorities.