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Tax Laws

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a modern, developed country with a distinct
heritage. The UAE has a tax system that makes it easy for individuals and
businesses to pay taxes. However, unusual developments can sometimes cause
problems for people who are filing their taxes in the UAE.

The tax law team at Legal House, Firm is highly experienced in providing personal and corporate tax legal counseling to multinational companies doing business in the UAE. We understand that your company’s success depends on avoiding tax penalties, so our team of dedicated professionals will provide you with timely and accurate information about your legal obligations related to taxes in Dubai as well as other areas of the UAE.

The Tax department can say whatever it want, But the law is in effect.



Our Practice areas in Tax Law

We provide comprehensive legal services with high quality and a focus on our client’s needs. The following is a list of the common areas of tax law in which we often
help clients:

Tax litigation:
We help you navigate the complex legal process of litigation, including appeals and other post-litigation proceedings.

Tax return:
We help you resolve issues with your tax return, including when the IRS has requested additional information or wants you to amend your return. Tax penalties: We can evaluate whether you’re eligible for penalty relief based on IRS audit procedures or other factors.

Valuation disagreements:
If your business is involved in the sale of property or other property transactions, we can help resolve valuation disagreements between buyer and seller. 

corporate taxes: We help in Asset Protection, Business Tax Cases, and Employment tax disputes.

Why Choose Us:

When you’re dealing with a complex legal issue like tax law, the last thing you want is to be left in the dark. At Legal House Company, we’ve helped hundreds of people resolve their disputes over taxes and we’re ready to help you too. Our experienced attorneys in Dubai have handled cases large and small—no matter how complexity risk in your case, we won’t treat it any differently than even other case we handle. If you’re ready to put your tax dispute behind you once and for all, contact us today for a free consultation with one of our lawyers.

We help in tax litigation, tax returns in dubai