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Business Setup In Ajman

Ajman, the smallest of the seven Emirates in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is one of the most attractive locations in the country for businesses. It is close to Sharjah and Dubai, which makes it a major trading hub, while its modern and up-to-date services, along with tax incentives, a flexible legal framework, and cost savings make it an appealing destination for entrepreneurs looking to set up their company.

Business setup in Ajman offers various benefits and incentives to both local and foreign investors. Excellent logistics facilities, and modern infrastructure, tax incentives, and a flexible legal framework are just among the advantages of setting up a business in the Emirate. All that combined with close proximity to Dubai and Sharjah makes Ajman an ideal location for entrepreneurs, SMEs, and multinational conglomerates. Providing businesses with a full range of legal services, Legal House is the ideal choice for entrepreneurs and established companies seeking assistance in Ajman. Our proactive business specialists can assist you with all aspects of company formation, providing you with affordable and effective solutions tailored to your needs.

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Ajman Business Setup

To form a company in Ajman, first, you should choose the corporate entity that suits you the best. Those can be anyone like

  • Branch Office
  • Professional Firm
  • Sole Establishment
  • Public/Private Shareholding Company
  • Limited Liability Company LLC

Once it is done, you can proceed to the further step. And can have a process like:
1. Application submission
2. Location Verification
3. Tradename registration and obtain approval
4. Finally the payment method.

Where you can set up business in Ajman:

Ajman has three available locations for company formation. They are:
l. Ajman Freezone
2. Ajman Mainland
3. Ajman offshore

Ajman Freezone company formation:

Ajman’s Free Zone is in an ideal location to serve both the Eastern and Western markets, due to its convenient accessibility. There are several benefits for entrepreneurs to consider when setting up their business here, including no taxes on the repatriation of capital and profits. Entrepreneurs will also find plenty of business facilities with meeting rooms in Ajman’s Free Zone.AFZA licenses are

  • Commercial License
  • Industrial/Manufacture
  • professional Services License
  • E-commerce License.

Documents required for Ajman Freezone company formation are:

1. Business plan copy
2. Company name
3. Passport copy
4. Residence address with completed contact details.
5. A photo of yours should be in passport size and with the white background needed.

Business setup consultants in Dubai like us can help you register your company in the Ajman-free zone. This can be done online, making it
possible for you to work from anywhere. Once you get all approvals, you will be able to receive the following corporate documents which
should be needed for applying corporate bank account.

1. The license
2. Rental agreement
3. Memorandum MOA for new company formation with multiple partners
4. Chamber of Commerce registration certificate.

Residency visa process:

The procedure for acquiring a resident visa under your own free zone company is similar in all free zones.
l. Business registration in I day
2. Establishment card on or before 10 days
3. Can get an Entry visa within 5 days
4. You can get an Emirates ID within seven days from the date of visa stamping.

After receiving your visa, you will need to change your status from tourist to resident. The cost may be around 3000 AED including all the above processes to get.

Freezone company closing process:

The closure of a company in AFZA is a simple and inexpensive process. The company must close its bank account with the bank and stop paying rent on any facility it has leased in Ajman. It must also surrender all resident visas to the free zone. If the owner wishes, he or she may hire a professional to liquidate the company and return assets back to their owners. The entire process takes approximately one month, after which time you receive official notification of dissolution.

Ajman Freezone company Closing process


Ajman Mainland company formation:

The government of Ajman has established the Mainland free zone, which offers attractive incentives to investors. These include no corporate or personal taxes, no minimum capital requirement, and no limitations on employment visas. This zone is well-developed, with excellent infrastructure and a skilled workforce. The zones are located near the city center and are well-connected by roadways and other modes of transportation.

Ajman Mainland has advantages that make it a good place to do business. It offers 100% foreign ownership and tax exemptions, as well as incentives such as a low-cost business setup. The city is near the Persian Gulf, making it an excellent location for import and export businesses. Ajman is also strategically located near Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Iran and is accessible by plane or ship via Dubai International Airport or Port Rashid.

Ajman Offshore company formation:

Setting up an offshore company in Ajman allows entrepreneurs to operate with complete foreign ownership, thus avoiding restrictions on repatriating their capital or profits. Furthermore, they do not have to pay corporate or personal taxes. If a business owner decides to set up an offshore company in Ajman, he will not be able to get an operating license unless he is a non-resident company, so the incorporation certificate will suffice.

Ajman Free Zone provides a range of incentives to attract businesses. The Zone exempts companies from corporate tax, personal income tax, and financial reporting obligations. It also offers 100% foreign ownership, low energy costs, and easy access to Dubai and neighboring emirates. Lega House has provided business setup solutions in Ajman and across the UAE for nearly two decades, giving us a comprehensive understanding of business registration, licensing, and incorporation requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several types of companies that can be formed in Ajman, including: Limited Liability Company (LLC) Free Zone Company (FZC) Branch of a Foreign Company Offshore Company

An LLC is a type of company in Ajman where the liability of the shareholders is limited to the amount of their share capital in the company. This means that the personal assets of the shareholders are protected in case of any losses incurred by the company.

An FZC is a type of company in Ajman that is established within a designated free zone area. This type of company allows for 100% foreign ownership, exemption from taxes and duties, and streamlined business processes.

A branch of a foreign company is an extension of a foreign company that is registered in Ajman. This type of company requires a local agent and must comply with all local laws and regulations.

An offshore company is a type of company in Ajman that is registered with the Ajman Offshore Authority (AOA) and is primarily used for international business activities. This type of company offers tax benefits and confidentiality for its owners.

The steps to register a company in Ajman may vary depending on the type of company being formed, but generally include:

  • Choosing a company name and obtaining initial approvals
  • Submitting the required documents to the relevant authority
  • Obtaining the necessary licenses and permits Registering with the Chamber of Commerce and obtaining a trade license
  • Opening a corporate bank account
  • Renting office space and obtaining any necessary visas for employees

Some of the benefits of forming a company in Ajman include:

  • Strategic location for doing business in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region
  • Access to a skilled and multilingual workforce
  • Favorable tax environment and business-friendly policies
  • Modern infrastructure and advanced technology
  • Easy access to global markets through the UAE’s extensive transportation and logistics network.

The costs associated with forming a company in Ajman may vary depending on the type of company being formed and the specific requirements involved. Some of the costs may include:

  • Government fees for registration and licensing
  • Professional fees for legal and consultancy services
  • Costs for renting office space and utilities
  • Fees for obtaining visas and permits
  • Capital requirements if needed

The time it takes to register a company in Ajman may vary depending on the type of company being formed and the specific requirements involved. However, it typically takes betweens-IO days to complete the registration process.

Yes, foreigners can own a company in Ajman. However, the rules and regulations for foreign ownership may vary depending on the type of company being formed. For example, a Free Zone Company allows for 100% foreign ownership, while a Limited Liability Company requires at least ownership by a UAE national.