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Reconsideration Of Ban Visa

Overstaying your visa in the UAE can lead to fines, which may not be fun to deal with. However, if you have a valid reason due to unexpected situation beyond your control, there are some procedures set by the UAE Government to reconsider your condition.
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You have immigration ban in UAE?

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Reasons for Dubai Visa Rejection /Ban

l. The visa application was made by a person who was not eligible for the visa, or if the applicant did not have the appropriate documents to support their application.
2. The applicant did not submit all necessmy documents with the application form.
3. The applicant’s purpose of visit did not match the purpose stated on their visa application form, or if their intended activities would violate UAE laws and regulations.
4. The applicant’s passport had been damaged, or if it had expired less than six months prior to their application date.

Process of Reconsideration ban visa :

If you were denied a visa and have been unable to find out why you may be able to submit an application for reconsideration. You will need to complete all of the following steps:
I. Submit an application for reconsideration in accordance with Immigration UAE law’s guidelines. In this step, you must include a fee, your passport or other forms of recognized identity, and a written request in English.
2. Another immigration officer will be assigned to your case. The immigration officer may or may not ask for more information in order to clarify your situation.
3. The decision on your application’s reconsideration will be final and binding. Once a decision has been made, you may not be able to file a new application for reconsideration.
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Frequently Asked Questions

To find out the status of your UAE immigration ban, you can contact the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in the emirate where the ban was issued. You can also check the status of your ban through the UAE government’s online portal or by hiring a legal consultant in the UAE to inquire on your behalf.

Immigration ban: An immigration ban prohibits an individual from entering the
UAE for a specific period of time. This type of ban is typically imposed when an
individual has violated immigration rules, such as overstaying a visa or working
illegally in the UAE. Labor ban: A labor ban, also known as an employment ban, restricts an individual’s ability to work in the UAE for a specific period of time. This type of ban is typically imposed when an individual has violated labor laws, such as
leaving a job before completing the contract period, absconding from work, or
failing to obtain proper work permits.
Blacklist ban: A blacklist ban is a permanent ban that prohibits an individual from entering or working in the UAE. This type of ban is typically imposed when an
individual has committed a serious offense, such as a criminal offense or a violation of national security.

To lift a UAE employment ban, you can either wait for the ban to expire or obtain
a new work permit from a company that is exempt from the ban. You can also fry
to have the ban lifted by obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your previous employer or by appealing to the Ministry of Human Resources and E Emiratisation (MOHRE) with a valid reason for the ban.