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Labor Laws

Labor law is the study of the employment relationship and its legal
implications. It also involves the study of individuals’ rights at work, including their collective bargaining power, trade unions, health and safety at work, workers’ compensation, and discrimination.

The UAE has a comprehensive labor law framework, which includes laws governing employment contracts and termination of employment. The UAE has also ratified international conventions on human rights and labor standards that apply to the workplace.

The Labour Law applies mostly to all employees working in the UAE, whether they are UAE nationals or expatriates. It sets out the matters related to working hours, vacation and public holidays, sick leave, maternity leave, safety standards in the workspace and employee records.

Law cannot organize labor and industry without organizing in justice

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Labour Lawyer in Dubai, UAE

At Legal House, we pride ourselves on providing dedicated labor law support for both employers and employees. We ensure that our client’s business interests are
protected while complying with UAE labor law and relevant regulations.

we offer Employment or labour Legal services in UAE :

We are a team of experienced lawyers and paralegals with extensive experience in employment law. We provide advice and representation to employees, employers, and independent contractors on all aspects of employment law including unfair dismissal, redundancy, discrimination, sexual harassment, and contract disputes. We also advise on issues relating to pensions and occupational health and safety matters. We provide the following types of employment or labor legal services:

  • Labor dispute resolution, arbitration, and litigation services (contracts, dismissal, redundancy, unfair dismissal, etc.)
  • Employment contracts (pre-employment contracts, post-employment contracts)
  • Compensation agreements (wage agreements)
  • Labor dispute resolution
  • HR policies
  • Compliance with Government authorities
  • Confidential Agreements
  • Employee Immigration matters like visas and its cancellation, renewals, and issuance

Why you choose our employment lawyers:

Our employment lav,yers in Dubai represent clients with a variety of matters, including redundancy agreements and changing terms and conditions or employment transfers that might eventuate from mergers, acquisitions, divestment or business reorganization. We can also help you draft employment policies and provide assistance with confidentiality, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements. Other services include protecting your intellectual property rights and providing director/manager liability coverage for your business.

We provide bilingual support to clients in all post-tennination disputes, labour law issues and mediation at all labour committees. For any of your employment and labour law requirements, please get in touch with us via the contact us form, email ( or phone (+971 558005160) and our team of labour lawyers in Dubai will be glad to assist you.

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whats is article 144 uae labour laws says?

In Dubai and the UAE, Article 144 of the Labor Law outlines the conditions under which an employer can terminate an employee's contract. These reasons include misconduct, inefficiency, or repeated violations. The employer must follow a legal process, including issuing warnings and providing opportunities for improvement, before termination.

Are labor laws in the UAE the same for all emirates?

The UAE has federal labor laws that apply uniformly across all emirates. However, individual emirates may have additional regulations or provisions that pertain to specific matters, so it's essential to be aware of any emirate-specific rules.

How are employment contracts regulated in the UAE?

Employment contracts in the UAE should be in writing and specify the terms and conditions of employment. These contracts are subject to labor laws and should outline the rights and responsibilities of both employers and employees.

Can an employer terminate an employee without cause?

UAE labor laws allow employers to terminate employees for cause, such as misconduct or inefficiency, but they must follow a legal process, including issuing written warnings and providing an opportunity for improvement. Termination without cause may require compensation.

How are labor disputes resolved in the UAE?

Labor disputes in the UAE are typically resolved through the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE). The MOHRE has a labor dispute resolution department that helps mediate and resolve employment-related conflicts. If a resolution cannot be reached, cases may be referred to labor courts.