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car rental business in Dubai

Starting car rental business in Dubai: Guide to get a license

Starting a car rental business in Dubai?

In recent years, Dubai’s car rental industry has experienced unprecedented growth, driven by various factors that elevate the city’s status as one of the world’s premier tourist destinations. With an anticipated influx of 20 million tourists this year and a thriving economy, Dubai presents an exceptional opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking to tap into the escalating demand for car rental services. This blog aims to guide you through the advantages, steps, costs, and necessary documentation to initiate your own car rental business in Dubai.

Advantages of Launching a Car Rental Business in Dubai, UAE:

Tourism Boom: Dubai’s renown as a tourist hotspot ensures a consistent demand for car rental services, particularly as numerous visitors explore the city’s attractions. The city boasts iconic landmarks like the Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, and the Dubai Mall, making it imperative for tourists to have convenient and reliable transportation.

Shift in Travel Preferences: Post-pandemic, there’s a discernible change in travel behavior, with individuals favoring the flexibility and safety of renting a car over public transportation. This shift is driven by a desire for personalized travel experiences and the assurance of a controlled environment, aligning perfectly with the services offered by car rental businesses.

Technological Advancements: The integration of technology, including smartphones and applications, has simplified the process for customers to discover and rent cars on the go, enhancing the overall customer experience. Mobile apps allow for seamless bookings, real-time navigation, and even contactless vehicle pick-up and return, catering to the evolving needs of modern travelers.

Steps to Establish a Car Rental Business in Dubai, UAE:

Select Your Business Activity: Commence by selecting the most suitable business activity for your car rental venture. While the ‘Tourist Transport and Vehicle Lease’ license is commonly sought, consulting with experts, especially at Legal House, can direct you to the most appropriate license for your specific operations.

Choose a Trademark: Opt for a trademark that concisely describes your business without offensive language, ensuring compliance with regulations and avoiding abbreviations with initials. A memorable and distinctive brand name can set your car rental business apart in a competitive market.

Pick the Location of Your Business: Strategically choose a location, considering proximity to airports or transport hubs. Opting for a Free Zone, with its central Dubai location, 0% tax rates, and 100 percent foreign ownership, proves to be an ideal choice. This decision can significantly impact your business’s accessibility and operational efficiency.

Complete Your Application and Pay Fees: Fill out the application form, submit the necessary documents, and pay associated fees. Securing a Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is imperative for obtaining your car rental license. Be meticulous in preparing all required paperwork to expedite the approval process.

Receive Your License and Open a Business Account: Upon approval of your application, anticipate receiving your license within a few days. Simultaneously, open a business account, to facilitate seamless financial transactions. A dedicated business account ensures transparency in financial dealings and helps in the efficient management of revenue and expenses.

Cost to Initiate a Car Rental Business in Dubai, UAE:

License Fees:

Starting at AED 12,500, the total cost varies based on the number of visas required. We can offer a tailored quote, encompassing the Dubai trade license and related fees. Consider this as a crucial investment in establishing your legal presence in the market.

Operational Expenses:

Encompass car purchase or leasing, insurance, office space, cleaning services, and marketing expenses. Researching and negotiating favorable deals for vehicle procurement and establishing partnerships for insurance coverage can contribute to cost-effective operations.

Documents Required:

  • Completed application form specifying the types of car rentals.
  • Copies of visa and passport-sized photographs.
  • Copy of residence visa (if applicable).
  • Emirates ID copy (if applicable). Ensure all documentation is accurate, up-to-date, and complies with the requirements outlined by the authorities.

Why Choose Us:

Business Support:
Legal House provides expert consultancy and support throughout the business setup process. Our team is dedicated to navigating the legal intricacies and ensuring a smooth launch for your car rental venture. Feel free to contact us for a zero-fee consultation.


Why is RTA Approval is it essential for a rent-a-car business in Dubai?

  • RTA Approval is a crucial step for establishing and operating a rent a car business in Dubai. It is issued by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and signifies compliance with specific regulations and requirements set by the authority.

What are the vehicle requirements for RTA Approval?

For vehicle approval, the date of manufacture of the vehicles should be the same year as the registration application or should not exceed 24 months from the date of the registration application. However, certain exemptions apply:

  • Luxury cars or vehicles priced above AED 600,000 are exempt, provided their manufacture date does not exceed four years in the same year. Official documents must substantiate the value of these vehicles.
  • Classic vehicles older than 30 years, meeting the requirements specified by the Vehicles Licensing Department (VLD).
  • Vehicles that have never been used.

How many vehicles do I need to provide in the first year to obtain RTA Approval?

  • To qualify for RTA Approval, you are required to provide a minimum of 10 vehicles in the first year of operation.

Is insurance mandatory for all cars to obtain RTA Approval?

Yes, insurance coverage for all vehicles is mandatory as part of the RTA Approval process. Ensuring comprehensive insurance for your entire fleet is a key requirement.

What legal requirements do I need to consider when starting a car rental business in Dubai?

  • To operate a car rental business in Dubai, you need to obtain RTA Approval, which involves meeting specific vehicle, insurance, and facility requirements. Additionally, comply with local business licensing and registration regulations.

How can I protect my car rental business from rental accidents and loss of vehicles?

  • Mitigate risks by ensuring all rental vehicles are adequately insured. Provide clear guidelines for safe driving, and conduct regular vehicle maintenance. Implement tracking systems to monitor vehicle locations and consider installing security features.

What measures can be taken to prevent vehicle theft or missing cars in a car rental business?

  • Utilize advanced GPS tracking systems to monitor vehicle movements. Implement strict check-in/check-out procedures, and maintain a robust security system at your rental facility. Promptly report any missing vehicles to the local authorities.

What should be included in rental agreements to protect the business legally?

  • Rental agreements should clearly outline terms and conditions, including rental duration, rates, insurance coverage, and penalties for violations. Include clauses related to vehicle condition, maintenance responsibilities, and procedures for accidents or damages. Also Include terms related to mileage limits, fuel policies, late return fees, and penalties for damages. Clearly state the consequences of violating these terms to protect your business legally.

How can I ensure that renters have a valid driving license?

  • Verify the driving license of each renter before allowing them to lease a vehicle. make sure that the license is valid and complies with Dubai RTA regulations. Implement a strict policy to reject rentals to individuals without a valid license.

How can I handle accidents involving rental vehicles?

  • Include detailed procedures in your rental agreements for reporting accidents. Ensure renters know how to contact emergency services. Document the incident thoroughly, including photographs and witness statements, and report it to the authorities and insurance providers promptly.

Do I need a specific license to operate a luxury car rental business?

  • Yes, you will need a business license to operate a luxury car rental business. In Dubai, this often involves obtaining approval from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). The license requirements may vary, so it’s essential to check with the local authorities.

How long does it take to get a luxury car rental business license?

  • The processing time for a luxury car rental business license can vary. It depends on factors such as the completeness of your application, compliance with regulations, and the efficiency of the local licensing authority. Inquire with the RTA for an estimated timeline.