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A power of attorney, or POA, is an agreement that allows one person or company (the grantor) to authorize another person or company (the attorney-in-fact or agent) to act on their behalf. POA can be used for a variety of purposes, including business and financial matters.

In the United Arab Emirates, a power of attomey must be granted by an individual who is at least 21 years old and mentally competent. For foreign business owners, a foreign power of attomey must also be translated into Arabic and then authenticated by UAE authorities. Lawyers in Dubai can assist with these formalities.

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When you need Power of attorney

A power of attorney is a document that allows one person to authorize another to act on their behalf. In most cases, they grant legal representation in financial or medical matters. The person granting legal authority is known as the grantor, while the person receiving it is called an executor. A power of attorney can be revoked at any time or when its purpose has been completed. Once the grantor dies, the POA becomes invalid.

You need Power of Attomey in below situations:

  • When you are not familiar with property transactions or the selling/purchasing of an asset like property or car.
  • For businesspeople, expatriates, and investors alike, it is important to understand the tax and legal implications of conducting business in or owning property in the UAE.
  • If you intend to go overseas.
  • If you are unsure of when to return to the UAE.
  • If you are unable to handle the legal process yourself, you can choose a trusted representative to act on your behalf.

POA is categorized into the following types:

General Power Of Attorney

General Power of Attorney allows the Agent to act on behalf of a principal in legal and financial matters if the principal is absent or unable to handle these matters on his or her own. The agent can act in all areas including signing contracts, filing tax returns, dealing with property purchasing and selling, and making bank transactions. here our list of services in GPOA are:

  • Our Firm can purchase, lease out, take over, manage, and sell real estate property.
  • We represent the principal before ministries, government departments, and telecom & utility service providers on real estate issues.
  • We can incorporate legal entities such as corporations and limited liability companies.
  • We may also purchase shares in such entities; sign contracts and other documents on behalf of our clients.

Specific/limited Power Of Attorney

A Special Power of Attorney is a legal document that authorizes an agent to act on behalf of the Principal in a specific situation or business. The principal must clearly state what actions and authorities they want the agent to have before granting them Special Power of Attorney. The agent will only be able to perform the tasks specified in the document.
We help you with the below transactions:
The practice advises and assists on a wide range of commercial real estate matters and represents clients in property disputes, the sale of shares in legal entities and vehicles, inheritance matters, and consent for the travel of minors.
There is also another type of POA in the UAE, called the Lasting Power of Attorney. It is available only in Dubai, and it allows people to designate someone else to make financial and legal decisions on their behalf if they become unable to do so themselves.

Property Sale Power Of Attorney

Property Sale Power of Attorney is a document required by Dubai Land Department (DLD) when selling a property. As per DLD lilies, the POA should not be more than two years old. If it has been mining, re-validation of the POA will be required if it hasn’t been used within two years from the date it came into effect.

When a property is mortgaged, the Notary Public will require a NOC (no objection certificate) from the financing bank, along with a time copy of the title deed issued by the bank. 

If the power of attorney is not signed in front of a Notary Public, it may be rejected by the Dubai Land Department. In order to avoid this situation, the owner should sign his power of attorney in his home country and follow the legalization process.

How we do the POA process is simple :

1. Choosing the POA type
Choose the POA that best suits your needs and then contact us to order.

2. Draft Approval
You will receive a comprehensive contract after we have reviewed your information and confirmed that we can proceed with the project.

3. Translation
Once it is approved, the Draft will be translated into Arabic and stamped by a legal translator approved by the court lawyer.

4. Notarization
Finally, We can help you notarize documents, which requires a notary public, in person, or remotely.

Documents are required for both personal and corporate power of attorney are:

  • Emirates ID
  • Passport copy
  • visa copy
  • Trade license(for corporate)
  • Memorandum of association (for corporate)
  • Original POA is required if in case of the power of attorney attestation

Why choose us?
We can offer you customized POA services, saving you time and money. You can review your POA before signing, and we will ensure that your POA is tailored to your
specific needs and circumstances.

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