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Property Law in UAE

Property law is the branch of law that deals with the ownership and tenancy of
someone’s real estate property. It also deals with the rights of a person to use a
specific piece of land or building. 

Our property and real estate lawyers in Dubai (UAE) have exceptional legal knowledge, business acumen, and a friendly approach. We offer a comprehensive range of services that include dealing with residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We also offer advice on rental disputes. We’ll help you with the legal procedures of sending notices or suing the other party. If things escalate, our real estate litigation lav. yers can represent you in court in UAE.

A lawyer has a duty to give his client the best possible advice with out regard for his own financial circumstances



Our Real estate Legal Services :

The UAE is a country with different rules and regulations in each emirate. Each emirate has its own set of acquisition, lease, and dispute resolution rules. This
generates a need for a regional property lawyer who can guide you in the right direction and prevent and resolve real estate disputes.

Our real estate services include:

Land Acquisition
If you are planning on buying a freehold or commercial property, our property lawyers can help you with all the agreements, registrations, and other tax-relevant services.
Rental Disputes
You can count on us to help you with rental disputes. We will help you file a complaint in the Rent Regulation Department and represent you in court if necessary.
Tenancy Contract
As most people in the UAE are tenants, tenancy contracts are written to protect tenants’ interests. If your landlord fails to perform his or her duties and responsibilities, you may seek assistance from us.
Arbitration and Litigation
We use arbitration to resolve property disputes, but if this fails, our advocates can represent you in all the courts of the UAE. We also draft Sales contracts, Real estate investment contracts.

Why choose us

We aim to make your property dispute a thing of the past by providing advice that helps you resolve the issue, and working with you to gather all necessary documents.

Our real estate lawyers in Dubai are a team of experts who have years of experience in the emirate’s property market. Our conflict resolution team works with brokers, sellers, landlords, buyers, tenants and developers to help them take care of their real estate matters. We keep a complete and strict record of evety step in the real estate acquisition process, from start to finish, for your review and future reference. Please contact us for expert legal advice today.