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Dubai Airport Free Zone Company Formation

Dubai Airport Free Zone Company Formation

Dubai Airport Free Zone Company Formation

DAFZA (Dubai Airport Free zone )

The Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority, also known as DAFZA, was formed to promote foreign investment and trade in the emirate of Dubai. One way it does so is by issuing special trading permits to investors who want to establish companies in the free zone and run those companies there as well as outside the free zone and elsewhere in the world. Because of its proximity to Dubai International Airport, many individuals choose to purchase a trading permit from DAFZA so that they can conduct business out of their homes or offices without incurring costs.

In addition, the Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA) is one of only a few locations in the UAE that are exempted from Value Added Tax. Additionally, it has a simple and straightforward company registration process. Therefore, it is one of the easiest places to start a business in Dubai. Companies that form in the Dubai Airport Free Zone have access to a number of benefits that make them more attractive than ever before.

Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Dubai Airport Free Zone offers a wide range of extraordinary operational services, making it easy to run your business.

  • You will have 100% ownership of your company, which means that nobody can take it away from you.

  • The other great thing about Dubai Airports Free Zone is that it offers 100 % repatriation of profits which means that you can easily get back all your money if needed by selling off your assets or any other means possible within the given time frame limit set by law guidelines; there are no restrictions or limitations on such matters whatsoever.

  • Easy hiring is another benefit of company formation in the Dubai Airport Free zone. All companies based in this free zone are exempt from paying for their employees’ visas, which allows them to hire anyone they want without having to worry about visa issues or paperwork.
  • 100 % free transfer of funds: There are no restrictions on how much money can be transferred out of the Dubai Airport Free zone. This means that you don’t need government approval before sending money out!
  • Good infrastructure and ready-to-move offices and warehouses.
  • Long Term UAE residency.

Documents required for Dubai free zone company formation are:

To get a company registered in Dubai UAE free zones, you need to provide the following documents:

1. Business process application.

2. Business plan activity sheet.

3. Bank statement from the last 6 months.

4. Shareholder details and passport copies. (if you have)

5. Passport and photocopy of yours.

6.No objection letter from UAE local sponsor.

DAFZA Approved Business Activities and Licenses:

There are three kinds of companies we can set up in the Dubai free zone.

1. Start a company with 2 to 50 shareholders.

2. Start a branch or franchise or existing company in DAFZA without share capital.

3. Start a foreign company that can own all shares of Dubai Airport Free zone company, which is a subsidiary company.

Business Activities :

  • Restaurants
  • Education institutions 
  • Investment
  • Bank /Finance/Insurance
  • Travel /Tourism
  • Trading
  • Ornaments
  • It software
  • Business Consulting service
  • Agency marketing services
  • Legal services

Feel free to contact the best business setup consultants in Dubai like us, we help you identify the license by your business activity. and also tell you the cost of opening a company in Dubai. it mostly depends on the activity and the additional requirements such as the business bank account opening, visa assistance, Legal documentation (power of attorney, Memorandum, etc.), Trademark reserve, Establishment card, and approvals.

Type of Licenses:

1. Professional License

2. Commercial License

3. Industrial License

Business setup in Dubai free zone Process:
  1. Choose the company’s legal entity (LLC, sole establishment or branch office, or free zone company )
  2. Choose the business location
  3. Document Submission which includes (passport, plan sheet, shareholder details, Noc letter, etc.)
  4. Fee Payment and signing
  5. Verification process
  6. Approvals and Freezone business license issuance.
What are the Dubai airport Freezone DAFZA facilities?

1. Low-cost Flexi desks

2. Storage areas 

3. Ready to move warehouses.

4. Modern offices.

If you are interested or would like to know more about the company registration process in DAFZA, let us know. We are happy to help you. call Legal House Consulting firm at +971 555683294. email us at

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