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Different business activities in dubai offered by DED

Business Activities And Its Trading Types List In Dubai

Business activities and trading License types in Dubai

Dubai is one of the fastest-growing cities in the Middle East. Business activities are at the peak and various kinds of businesses are being opened in the city so that investors can get their due share in Dubai’s economy and trade.

The most common business activity that takes place in Dubai is import and export. This type of trade takes place between two countries where one country will import goods from another country while exporting other products back to their original location. Dubai has many ports where these ships can dock so they can unload their cargo onto trucks or trains before heading off into town to sell them at local markets or shops.
Another common type of business activity is international trade fairs which take place at least once per month at various locations around town including The World Trade Center Mall which hosts many different events throughout each year including art shows featuring local artists from all over world! There are also many fashion designers who come from around the world.

All about Trade Licences in Dubai:

A trade license is a legal requirement before you form or run a business operation in Dubai. This means anyone who runs a company or simply joins one such company needs to register a Trade License with Dubai Economy. Dubai Economy is an agency concerned with all matters related to trade. The law, which is also known as the Commercial Companies Law No. 12 of 1984, requires any person conducting or wishing to conduct any business, industrial, or manufacturing operations in the region to register their company under the law.

There are several different types of trade licenses in Dubai, each with its own requirements for obtaining and maintaining the license.

Commercial Licenses: Commercial licenses are required in order to run any kind of business within Dubai. These include retail, wholesale, manufacturing, catering, and service establishments.

Professional Licenses: Professional licenses are required for those who wish to practice a certain profession within the city. These include doctors, nurses, dentists, lawyers, accountants, and architects.

Industrial Licenses: Industrial licenses are required in order to operate an industrial plant or factory in Dubai. This includes factories that produce foodstuffs or beverages as well as factories that process raw materials into finished goods such as textiles or clothing items.

Tourism License:

Tourist companies can be licensed under the Tourism Department. To register your own tourist company, you will need to fill out some paperwork. The owner should have a tourism degree or diploma at the time of registering your company. read more about how to open a tourism company in Dubai.

List of Business Activities in Dubai:

An Industrial License is required for the following industries.


Professional License:

Professional licenses are granted on the basis of individual qualifications and expertise. Each professional license requires a local sponsor or service agent.

Here are the business activities that DED can approve to issue professional licenses in Dubai UAE:

Consulting Services /professional services(Business ,Legal,Accounts related)



Beauty /saloon

Baby care

NGO charity

Medical Clinics

Social clubs

Translation services

Typing services


Information technology


Farming and Fishing

Commercial License:

A commercial license is essentially a permit that allows you to start operating your business legally. A commercial license must be obtained through the Department of Economic Development (DED) and can be issued after they have reviewed your application and determined that it meets all of their requirements. Once this has been done, you will receive a certificate of approval letter which allows you to operate legally as part of your business.

Here is the few business activities list that comes under a commercial license.

General Trading

Auto spare parts trading

Art Production

Animal skin, livestock, meat trading

Stationary items trading


Building materials

Cinema and theaters

Supermarket or grocery

Packing services




real estate


postal /courier services

Tourism License:

Here is the list of some tourist business activities:


Travel agencies

Rental boats

Tourist camps

Floating restaurants

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