FAQ For UAE Business Setup And Legal Solutions

Is it possible to set up a business Dubai and banking account without traveling to Dubai?

  • yes,you can setup your business in UAE with out your physical presence .For that you need to give the power of attorney on behalf of you to the business setup agency or any one applying on behalf of you.

Can I do business while in contract working with another employer in Dubai UAE?

  • Yes, you can start your business while your being a employed. 1.In this case you make sure that your business activity should be different from the employer. and you might required a NOC no objection certificate from your employer. 2. its better to have you business under the name of your family members. 3.You can apply for the license from any free zone with the existing work visa.

What is the tax I need to pay if I want to start an app development company in Dubai?

  • You can start your app development business in UAE with zero tax benefits. and the cost for business setup in UAE is quite low as compared to other countries. It mainly depend on the type of company license you look for and the location you choose.

What kind of a license is required to sell on Instagram in UAE?

  • if you want to do business in UAE either online or offline ,then you must have a business license. In this case you should have E-trader license in UAE to sell products on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or any other.

What paper work needed if i want to open a hair and beauty salon in Dubai ?

  • To open a salon in dubai you need to have 1.Valid passport copy and visa copy 2.Legal Document such as MOA,POA 3.Ejari or Rental shop agreement copy 4.Approvals and Government clearances. 5.Salon business license

How to get IT business License in Dubai ?

  • Serenity Is Multi-Faceted Blockchain Based Ecosystem, Energy Retailer For The People, Focusing On The Promotion Of Sustainable Living, Renewable Energy Production And Smart Energy Grid Utility Services.

Is it possible When a foreign branch do trading inside UAE ?

  • Yes, you can legally open a branch in mainland or free zone then do the same business activity of the parent company.

What is the cost for opening a food truck business in UAE?

  • The cost of food truck business is depend on the type of license .you might required a professional license or commercial license. how ever the license cost would be around 15 000 AED for Professional and for commercial license it would around 22000 AED.

How does it cost for office space and visa if i start a new business in UAE?

  • The cost is depends on the location you choose.it is varies from one region to other region. Such as Dubai Ajman, Sharjah etc. Again in each emirates you will have a free zone and mainland and the offshore. you will get office space cheaper in Free zones compered to other two.

How can i do multiple business activities under one license in UAE ?

  • The answer for this question is completely depends on the business activity. As per the DED guidelines you can have 2 activities under free zone license and 10 activities under mainland license.

How to terminate the company in UAE ?

  • To terminate a company in UAE, the owner or authorized representative must obtain clearance certificates from relevant government authorities and submit the necessary documents to the Department of Economic Development (DED) for cancellation.

What to do if i receive message from DED authority that the license has been terminated ?

  • If you receive a message from DED authority that your license has been terminated, you should immediately cease all business activities and proceed with the necessary steps to close the company, such as cancelling visas, closing bank accounts, and settling any outstanding debts or liabilities.

What to do if the partner on freezone company license died due to financial loss in UAE?

  • If a partner on a freezone company license in UAE has passed away due to financial loss, the remaining partners should consult with a legal expert to understand their rights and obligations in such a situation. They may need to liquidate the company, settle any outstanding debts or liabilities, and distribute the remaining assets to the appropriate parties. It is important to follow the legal procedures and regulations in UAE to avoid any potential legal issues.

How to avoid visa fines in dubai?

  • To avoid visa fines in Dubai, it is important to ensure that you and your dependents have valid visas and that you comply with the visa regulations set by the Dubai government. Here are some tips to avoid visa fines: Renew your visa before it expires. Ensure that your dependents’ visas are also renewed on time. Follow the visa regulations, such as not overstaying your visa, obtaining the correct type of visa, and not working on a tourist visa. Keep your documents up to date and in order, including passport, Emirates ID, and visa documents. Be aware of the visa rules and changes, and seek guidance from a reputable source if you have any questions or concerns. Keep a record of your visa-related transactions and appointments. If you do face a visa-related issue, address it promptly and through official channels to avoid fines or legal trouble.

What is an establishment card or immigration card?

  • An establishment card or immigration card is a legal document issued by the immigration authorities of a country to foreign nationals who are authorized to reside and work in that country.

How to open a company in dubai free zone ?

To open a company in a Dubai free zone, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Free Zone: Select a free zone based on your business activity and location preference. Dubai has several free zones, each with its own set of regulations and requirements.

  2. Business Activity: Determine your business activity and make sure it’s permitted in the chosen free zone.

  3. Legal Structure: Decide on your company’s legal structure, such as a Free Zone Company (FZC) or Free Zone Establishment (FZE).

  4. Trade Name: Choose a unique trade name for your company and get it approved by the free zone authority.

  5. License Application: Submit a license application to the chosen free zone. You’ll need to provide business plans, passport copies, and other required documents.

  6. Office Space: Rent a physical office or flexi-desk within the free zone. Some free zones offer shared office facilities.

  7. License Issuance: Once your application is approved, you’ll receive your business license. It may take a few weeks to process.

  8. Visa Application: Apply for employment and investor visas for yourself and any employees. Visa eligibility varies by free zone.

  9. Bank Account: Open a corporate bank account in a local bank to conduct business transactions.

  10. Compliance: Comply with all regulations, such as annual audits and renewing licenses, to maintain your free zone business.